Products have passed UL, ETL, CE, IEC62471 and other certifications. Products are widely used in machinery and equipment, beauty, furniture, hotel decoration, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting and other fields

Commercial lighting

Commercial lighting

Commercial lighting

The goal of modern commercial lighting is clear. In order to achieve a certain function, a specific design is often required to highlight the environment and reflect the specific commercial nature and characteristics;

Indoor and outdoor lighting

Indoor outdoor lighting

Indoor and outdoor lighting

Application and advantages of white LED in indoor lighting    Semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have a history of more than forty years. After blue LEDs appeared in the first half of the 1990s, the white LEDs were quickly solved. The advent of white light LED and its rapid development have attracted the attention of various lighting companies in the world. They have invested a lot of money and conducted fruitful research. In more than ten years, the light efficiency of white light LED has increased by nearly ten times. A new type of solid-state light source (SSL) entered the lighting field and became the third-generation new light source after the second-generation (gas discharge lamp) light source.




The lighting system in the machine vision system is an extremely important part. How to choose the light source scheme, its quality directly affects the subsequent image processing. Appropriate lighting is the key to the success of machine vision applications. Through appropriate light source lighting design, the target information and background information in the image can be optimally separated, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of image processing algorithm segmentation and recognition, and improve the positioning and positioning of the system. Measurement accuracy improves the reliability and comprehensive performance of the system

Car lighting

Car lighting

Car lighting

In the mid-1980s, LEDs began to be used in automotive central high-mount brake lights (CHMSL). In the 1990s, LEDs, a new solid-state light source, were generally used for backlighting of automotive instrument LCD panels. After entering the new century, with the improvement of LED power and brightness, in addition to automotive headlights, LEDs have fully entered the application of automotive lighting and signal systems. In 2005, the global LED market share in mobile phones reached 52%. Since 2005, as the mobile phone market has become saturated and no longer showing a growth trend, it has been replaced by the automobile, traffic lights, landscape decorative lighting and general lighting markets, of which the automotive LED market has greater temptation.

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Core advantages

Through innovative technology and design, the perfect combination of light and space, condenses lighting technology, and creates a quality life

11 years of accumulation, brand achievement

A comprehensive operator of lighting brand with LED linear light source as the core and integrating R&D, production and sales

Personalized customization service

Customized processing on demand, personalized service to ensure delivery

Long warranty, worry-free after-sales

Many years of professional design and manufacture of LED linear light sources, our quality and integrity have been recognized by customers!

Multi-variety and flexible solutions

Flexible adjustment of multiple varieties, fast response speed, fast ordering process and delivery on time, good service to every customer


Through innovative technology and design, the perfect combination of light and space

Shenzhen Qimingda Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with 11 years of accumulation and brand achievement. It is a comprehensive operator of lighting brand with LED linear light source as the core and integrating R&D, production and sales. Mainly engaged in LED flexible light bar, LED hard light bar, LED wire light bar, LED wall washer and other products. The company mainly provides customers with personalized service concepts. Through innovative technology and design, light and space can be perfectly combined with the size of the company. Both are connected, mainly for customers to reduce inventory pressure...


The company was founded in 2009


Standard modern production line


Customer service

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