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Introduction of LED hard light strip

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Definition of LED hard light bar: It refers to the LED chip set on the PCB hard board, and because its shape resembles a tape, it becomes an LED hard light bar.

Assembly form of LED hard light strip: use PCB as circuit board, use LED patch for assembly, or use in-line assembly, there is a difference between the two: the patch type is relatively stable and not easy to fall off, ensuring that the LED chip can be Normal use; the in-line type is simple and convenient, but the arrangement is not very neat, and it is easy to fall off, resulting in chip damage.

Common voltages for LED hard light bars: Generally, light bars are divided into two types: low-voltage light bars and high-voltage light bars. Low-voltage light bars use DC12-24V voltage, while high-voltage light bars use 220V general voltage. What are the differences Woolen cloth?

1. From the perspective of product safety: the safety of low-voltage light strips is safer, using DC12-24V DC input lower than the safety voltage of the human body, safe power consumption, and no potential safety hazards; while high-voltage hard light strips use 220V voltage , belongs to the category of safe electricity use, but if you are not careful, there are potential safety hazards.

2. From the perspective of installation and use: because the input below the light bar is lower than the DC input, a voltage converter must be used during installation, and how many transformers are required according to the length of the installation; while the high-voltage hard light The bar can be directly connected to household electricity and can be used, which is relatively convenient and simple.

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